Summer Fold Away Bath – Blue


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Bathe a baby safely and conveniently using the Summer Infant EasyStore Comfort Tub. It offers versatility and portability so you can give an child a bath anywhere you go. The foldable design lets it be flattened easily and compactly for storage between uses and for travel. Inside is an inclined positioner to keep a newborn upright during bath time. This is also removable to adjust to the changing size of children as they grow and are able to sit up on their own. An inflatable base provides this foldable baby bath tub with an extra cushion for an infant’s comfort. Skid resistant vinyl helps to keep them from slipping and sliding while in the bath. Foldable legs keep the Summer infant tub upright inside a larger bathtub.

Summer Infant EasyStore Comfort Tub:
Compactly folds for easy storage and travel
Inclined positioner for newborns can be removed as child grows
Inflatable base provides extra soft cushion for baby’s bottom with skid resistant vinyl

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