Wobenzym N 200 (Tabs)

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Wobenzym N is a blend of systemic enzymes that helps to support the body in many ways. This product is made up of a combination of plant-based enzymes, pancreatic enzymes and antioxidants. These powerful yet delicate enzymes are protected by a vegetable-based enteric coating which ensures optimal absorption and utilization in the blood stream.

This unique blend of systemic enzymes provides support to the reproductive system by:

  • Supporting the body’s ability to break down fibrin (the substance that makes up scar tissue)*
  • Encouraging normal circulation to the reproductive system*
  • Helping to maintain normal immunological response in the body*
  • Aiding the body’s natural ability to reduce tissue buildup in the uterus*
  • Supporting the body’s natural inflammation response, providing relief for occasional discomfort in the reproductive system*

Why choose Wobenzym N?

  • Combines multiple systemic enzymes in one convenient formula.
  • Features enteric coated tablets.
  • Contains 66 servings per bottle.
  • Free of yeast, gluten, dairy, soy allergens, artificial colors and preservatives.
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